Bob Laird – Obama’s 99% Birth Control Figure So Wrong the Washington Post Notices

by Bob Laird | Washington, DC | | 2/20/12 11:42 AM

The Washington Post and its “Fact Checker,” Glenn Kessler, gave the media a rating of “two pinocchios” for failing to verify a claim made by President Obama and repeated by others including the press concerning the number of Catholic women using birth control.

In a February 10th press briefing, the President used a “nearly 99 percent” figure.  This was repeated by Rep. Nancy Pelosi later when she said “Ninety-eight percent of Catholic women, I am told by all of you [referring to the media], use birth control to determine the size and timing of their families.”  This misinformation follows the old adage that if you keep repeating a lie, people will actually believe it. Read all of story at

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