Gerri Laird

Gerri Laird

Gerri Laird is a wife, mother of 5 children and grandmother of 7 children.  She has been married for over 41 years.  During the 22 years that her husband Bob served in the military, she held leadership positions in various military volunteer organizations, and received numerous awards for her accomplishments from secular, non-Catholic and Catholic groups.  During her husband’s second tour in Germany, she helped establish crisis pregnancy centers within the military communities in Augsburg and Munich.

Since her return to America, she has served in the Arlington Diocese as the founding director of Project Rachel and Gabriel Project, and was promoted to the position of Coordinator of Education and Training in 2004 to assist the Office for Family Life in adapting all educational programs into Blessed John Paul the Great’s new theological construct.

In 2004, she was asked to assist the late Father Richard Hogan in writing and editing the new Couple to Couple League materials on Natural Family Planning.  This resulted in The Art of Natural Family Planning Student Guide (2008), The Art of Natural Family Planning Postpartum Student Guide (2009), and The Art of Natural Family Planning Premenopause Student Guide (2009).

She has written and spoken extensively on numerous topics related to family life, such as marital intimacy, natural family planning, parenting, motherhood, the role of women in the Church, chastity, post abortion healing, and speaking the language of Blessed John Paul the Great via “Reframing the Abortion Debate.”  Her audiences have included teens, young adults/singles/college students, engaged couples, married couples, mothers’ groups, medical professionals, and clergy.

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